About You

 We improve the communities we serve–that’s you.



01. Belief

We believe every employee and every member of your community needs an advocate.  Your cherished community of team members deserves expert guidance before, during, and after a crisis.

02. respect

We meet our employer clients and their employees in the midst of their personal experiences. It is our cherished duty to make each interaction an opportunity to improve their lives.

03. obligation

We must participate with our community at large to learn and grow. It is our obligation to maintain an open collaboration and share successful strategies, holding no trade secrets proprietary to us if we can replicate improvements for our neighbors. 

Key Voices

A Team Of Professionals

Bret Brummitt


Bret started Generous Benefits with a passion for the end-user of a “benefit” plan.  Today he guides the team on that exploration of new trends and ideas that will lead us closer to the utopian future we dream up together.

Kalinda Dunn

Client Service Executive

Kalinda is Ground-Zero for improvement. She mixes her public health passion thinking about how to improve the employer communities we serve on a broad scale with her compassion for the individual thinking only about N=1.