Pulling Benefit Confirmation Statements



Employee Navigator allows you to create Benefit Confirmation Statements, more formal versions of Payroll Deduction Reports, that are employee-friendly and can be used to confirm benefits with your employees.

This type of report is helpful in the case of midyear changes to benefits (ex: adding a dependent). You can print or email a Benefit Confirmation Statement to your employees for them to review and sign, acknowledging their benefits and payroll deductions. The Benefit Confirmation Statement clearly and formally outlines an employee’s payroll deductions with their dependents, coverage dates, and when their plan was last updated for each of the employee’s enrolled benefits.

You are able to generate Benefit Confirmation Statements for a single employee (by typing in their last name in the search box) or as a bulk report for ALL employees, by leaving the search box blank. A new feature in Employee Navigator allows you to either generate a bulk Benefit Confirmation Statement for all employees currently enrolled or all employees currently in open enrollment. You can also adjust the report based on employee class.

The steps:

  • Log in to your online HR portal through your company’s landing page or from our website
  • Go to the “Reports” tab at the top
  • Go to the “Benefit Reports” menu and click on “Benefit Confirmation Reports” 
  • Toggle “Display only last 4 digits of SSN” to protect Personal Identifiable Information
  • Generate the Report
    • For a single employee
      • Search for employee by last name or SSN
      • Click “Generate Report”
    • For a bulk report
      • Choose between “Current Enrollment” or “Open Enrollment”
      • Click “Generate Report” (do not list an employee’s last name in the box for bulk reporting)
  • Open Report as a PDF

Sophia Sircar


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