Canned Reports

Employee Navigator can generate canned reports which are much more generalized than ad-hoc reports. Canned reports offer no customization in the information they display. These types of reports are useful for pulling basic information about employees. You are still able to export, print and search these reports, just like ad-hoc reports.

Because canned reports are so broad, they can pull many different kinds of data. You can pull general hire/termination data, enrollment status updates that show which employees are in which step of open enrollment, reports on which employees are missing HR tracking data, change history reports, etc. Most of the reports under the “reports” tab in Employee Navigator are canned reports.

If you don’t know what a specific report if for, click on the report and you can click the blue “i” next to the report name for a detailed description.

The steps:

  • Log in to your online HR portal through your company’s landing page or from our website
  • Go to the “Reports” tab at the top

From here, you have many reporting options:

  • Go to the “General Reports” menu
    • “New Hire Reports” this will show all employees hired after a chosen date
    • “Termination Reports” will show all employees terminated in a chosen date range
  • Go to the “Enrollment Status Reports” menu
    • “Can’t Start” will show all employees unable to start enrollment and require assistance to start
    • “Not Started” will show employees who haven’t started enrollment
    • “In Process” will show all employees currently in the process of completing enrollment
    • “Completed” will show all employees who have finished enrollment
    • These reports separate new hires and newly eligible employees into 2 different reports
  • Go to the “Open Enrollment Reports” menu
    • These reports are the exact same as the “Enrollment Status Reports” but only pull for employees already in open enrollment
  • Go to the “Import Reports” menu
    • These reports highlight employees missing HR tracking data and are useful when first loading a group into the system
  • Go to the “Carrier Reports” menu
    • The “Carrier Billing Summary” is filtered by carrier and can also be filtered by class, department, business unit, division or office
  • Go to the “Benefit Reports” menu
    • The “Total Compensation Statements” is a condensed version of a Benefit Confirmation Statement with less customization that is useful for annual reviews.
  • Go to the “Change History Reports” menu
    • “Enrollment Changes” is a date driven report by the date the change occurred in the system
    • “Payroll Deduction Changes” is a date driven report by the date the change occurred in the system
    • “Demographic Changes” is a date driven report by the date the change occurred in the system
Sophia Sircar

Sophia Sircar


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