The Plan Grader

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This Plan Grader provides an assessment of where a health plan is strong and where there are opportunities to strengthen it further.

The below form is designed to be filled out directly by a company’s executive or administrator looking for insight on improving their benefits plan. 

As you fill this form out, there may be questions you don’t know the answer to or are unsure how to answer. “No” should be your answer for these (or leave a box unchecked). This process is designed to establish a baseline and you can always return and complete the information again. Even the best plans have areas that need work and/or a benefit that may not have been well communicated the first time around.

If you have questions, please email or book an appointment and we’ll guide you through this process together.


Is your plan: *
Do you have unrestricted access to full claims data for your plan? *
Who is involved in your annual benefits review, planning and design process? *
(choose all that apply)
Which of the following cost containment tools are in place today? *
(choose all that apply)
Which Virtual Health options does your plan include?
(choose all that apply)
Which major specialty area(s) does the plan have specific strategies for *
(choose all that apply)
Which of the following applies to the plan's stop loss policy
(choose all that apply)
Which of the following is most accurate about the plan's stop-loss fees/commissions?
(choose all that apply)
Does your plan have any Center of Excellence and/or 2nd opinion programs with meaningful incentives that benefit your employees? *
Does your pharmacy plan include the items listed below?
Does your plan administrator (TPA) contractually agree to only receive revenue from admin fees paid? *
Does your plan administrator (TPA) let you select the dollar amount threshold for auto-adjudicating claims?* *
Does your plan use claims audits and/or payment integrity to minimize paying fraudulent claims and reducing identity theft?
For person completing this form, either plan sponsor or employer

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