The Flume Health impact


During this interview, Grant Parker says something pretty amazing with the “we are seeing an average of $5600 per employee savings for our clients”

Now, let’s point out that Flume is defining clients as the employer who is using Flume to administer a Self-funded Health Plan on that employer’s behalf, not just anyone in America buying health insurance. But, when we generally think of a company’s per employee per year spending for a typical health plan starting at $8,000 or higher (Milliman has the average family costs for 2020 @ $28,653), we might think about how to slow down that year over year increase….not reverse it or reduce the current spending by more than 20% or 40%. ┬áNaturally, you see why we wanted to sit down and learn more about the Flume program as $5600 seems pretty audacious for and we wanted to dig further.

So, sit back and come join us for a 33-minute chat about health insurance, innovation, and the solutions driving change.



Bret Brummitt

Bret Brummitt

Senior Consultant


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