The Flume Health impact


During this interview, Grant Parker says something pretty amazing with the “we are seeing an average of $5600 per employee savings for our clients”

Now, let’s point out that Flume is defining clients as the employer who is using Flume to administer a Self-funded Health Plan on that employer’s behalf, not just anyone in America buying health insurance. But, when we generally think of a company’s per employee per year spending for a typical health plan starting at $8,000 or higher (Milliman has the average family costs for 2020 @ $28,653), we might think about how to slow down that year over year increase….not reverse it or reduce the current spending by more than 20% or 40%. ¬†Naturally, you see why we wanted to sit down and learn more about the Flume program as $5600 seems pretty audacious for and we wanted to dig further.

So, sit back and come join us for a 33-minute chat about health insurance, innovation, and the solutions driving change.



Bret Brummitt

Bret Brummitt


Bret started Generous Benefits in 2019 after 20 years of working inside the Employee Benefits industry with the goal to create a company that focused on improving communities through benefits.  And the term Generous was no mistake, as Bret thinks in terms of broad scope ideas, processes, and technologies that can improve 1 person's life or the community as a whole. With this idea that Generous Benefits weren't just your typical checklist of commonplace insurance or wealth savings plans, but that a benefits package has room to be stretched, tailored, and curated to make a desirable long-term impact.

Bret also spends time coaching other insurance agencies with Q4Intelligence and participates with thought-provoking communities like Health Rosetta and the Free Market Medical Association to help expand his understanding and learn from others.

Oh, and he can be found around Austin running with Gilbert's Gazelles or denying his age with the Austin Metro Baseball League as a member of the Austin Blue Jays.

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